ramblings of a technological designer

who spends a lot of time yelling at her computer


I guess I should put a disclaimer here: I call myself a "creative technologist" because I work with technology as a medium for making art and architecture. But I am not necessarily a very good technologist. Most of what I've learned has been on the internet. I avoid code until it's unavoidable; I went to MIT but I still don't understand a lot of basic scientific concepts. In short, I'm the worst combination of very lazy and very ambitious. That being said, I've still managed to learn how to do a lot of things. Here are things that I frequently run into and wish I had found sooner on the internet.

The thing that has kept my previous blogs from styaing up and running is trying to get everything polished and together which ultimately ends up in a hellish feedback loop of perfectionism. I'm going to forego that this time.


Instead, here you will find

- tutorials about anything that I've found really annoying to work on for more than an hour and want to have the solution clearly documented for others

- informal ramblings about things that have been trending about in my mind and I'm just trying to link together

- every so often, a more polished piece of writing that I would actually like people to read


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